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heatreflective coatings

All the materials used for construction of building absorb and transfer heat inside of the building all the day. In most countries, energy use in the buildings sector for heating / cooling represents about one third of the total energy consumption. Heat always flow from warmer side to cooler side and cooler to warmer side. 80% to 95% of heat gain during summer and about 70% of heat loss during winter transferred through the walls, ceilings and roofs of the building by way of conduction and radiation. The conventional insulation only slows down the rate of heat transfer which after saturation cannot stop radiant heat.

heatreflective coatings

Monarch's OzoProtect Heat /Solar Reflective Coatings reflects up to 98% of heat back to its source. Monarch's OzoProtect specialized heat reflective coating containing high strength, low density hollow ceramic microspheres and /or glass microspheres keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thereby reducing cooling cost during summer months and heating cost during winter months besides as impermeable waterproofing coating during monsoons. The load reduction of air conditioning or heater and corresponding electrical consumption saves energy cost up to 40% all round year. In non-air conditioned residential buildings, the improvement of indoor thermal comfort living conditions is achieved by decreasing the maximum temperatures for rooms such as kitchen and bathroom. The payback period is less than 6 months. OzoProtect significantly contributes to green building certification as Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is upto 116 and prevention of globalwarming and pollution levels.


Pathways, Roofs / Terraces,Walls / ParapetWalls, Balcony, Sunshade facade / Chajjas, Buildings, Roof Slabs, Green Buildings, Pet animals shed / shelters (like duckrearing shed, horse breeding shed, Poultry farming shed, Rabbit breeding shed, Cattle breeding shed ), Mobile & Modular Homes, Hotels, Schools, Theater, Colleges, Apartments, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Restaurant, Warehouses, Air-Conditioned Building, Sintex water tanks and pipe lines - To prevent water heat up, Shipping Containers, Buses, Control Enclosures, Insulating high temperature process machinery where the use of conventional lagging material is simply not viable, Anti Condensation, Anti Mold, Anti Mildew

Silent Features

  • Credit Points for Green Buildings for SRI coating and energy savings.
  • Effective alternative to bulk insulation under the roofs in humid tropical climates. Bulk insulation can be to an extent replaced by OzoProtect that re#ects solar radiation and provide emission to the sky.
  • Reduction in the carbon foot print of a buildings as it reduces fuel consumption of the air conditioning plant.
  • Occupants / Staff's remains cool and maintain higher level of productivity.
  • Transform Existing building into green building.
  • Reduces daily expansion and contraction (thermal cycling)
  • OzoProtect KR

    Kool Roof - Economical Grade Acrylic Polymer based Heat Reflective Coatings, reduces Internal temperature of buildings over Roofs/Terraces

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  • OzoProtect TC

    Thermo Coat - High Performance Heat Reflective Coating and energy efficency over Roofs/Terraces

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  • OzoProtect SR

    Solar Reflect - Ultra High Performance using acrylic Heat Reflective coating containing low density expanded thermoplastic microspheres with High SRI Rating

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  • OzoProtect EW

    Exterior Walls - Acrylic Modified Emulsion paint For Exterior Walls

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  • OzoProtect PW

    Heat Reflective coatings for Concrete & Asphalt Pathways surface

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  • OzoProtect PA

    Paint Additive for all types of house paints for heat insulation 500gms / 10 Ltr

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