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Metal Reclamation Putties

SavesPast TP - ( Titanium Putty )

Offer Price :
INR ₹.3,398.00 INR ₹.2,379.00* / Kg
( * Inclusive of all taxes and freight )
Multi-Purpose Reclamation Putty for precision critical jobs

A two component paste, engineering grade system based on a ferro-silicon filled epoxy system. The non-rusting putty extensively used for repairing and rebuilding worn-out surfaces in machinery & equipment and precision critical applications in less down-time.

Product Specification Details
Pack Size   Kg 1
COVERAGE @ 5mm thickness - cm2/pack size/thickness 796 Cm2 / kg / 5 mm
Color and Apperance ASTM D 1544 - Metallic grey & Thick paste
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1475-98 - 2.08
Mix Ratio By Weight Manual - 4(R):1(H)
Mix Ratio By Volume Manual - 7(R):1(H)
Pot Life @ 30°C IS 101 min 25
Functional Cure ASTM D 1640 Hrs 24
Compressive Strength ASTMD 695 N/mm2 120
Adhesive Shear Strength ASTM D1002 N/mm2 14
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Features of Titanium Putty

  • Fast,cost effective and durable
  • High compressive strength and extreme chemical resistance Good resistance to abrasion, friction reduction and hence ideal for turn-around time.
  • The product may be applied to any unlimited thickness onto horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Efficient alternate method of repair where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible
  • Can Repair Intricate shape or forms/thin sections, difficult to weld metals
  • No equipment/Power supply needed
  • Unlimited cycle of repairs
  • Less Labor costs - Avoid assembly/disassembly, Pre Machining/Post Machining Resistant to chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents, and alkalis.
  • It can be easily Can be machined, drilled, tapped or painted
  • Superior adhesion – forms a solid bond to steel, cast iron,
  • Stainless steel, concrete, and clean and abraded bronze, copper, and aluminum.
  • Eliminates costly wear part inventory
  • No shrinkage, expansion or distortion
  • Excellent electrical insulation characteristics
  • Can do repairs at In-situ repair, In-Plant, Workshops, Remote areas
  • No VOC’s
  • Routine Maintenance and Unexpected Maintenance
  • Repair cost at fraction of replacement cost

Where to Use?

  • Repairing valve seats and bodies.
  • Marine And off shore sector
  • Sweage Installations
  • Paper Industry
  • Rebuilding wear rings
  • Repairing butterfly & gate valves
  • Preventing cavitation to condenser water boxes
  • Rebuilding pump impellers
  • Rebuilding condenser tube sheets area
  • Marine propellers
  • Chemical plants
  • Cracked graphite trays
  • Compressor & oil coolers
  • Floating roofs
  • Transmission pan covers
  • Oil pan covers
  • Circulating water equipment

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