Thermal Insulation Coatings


InsulKote refractory coating compound, has been specially designed to withstand high temperatures and to control erosion/corrosion of refractory linings, monolithics, ceramic fibre boards, modules, castables, furnace steel shells, chimneys, boilers, kiln furniture, ferrous-nonferrrous metals, melting crucibles etc. thus enhancing the design life of the equipment. InsulKote seals the cracks developed on the inside walls of combustion chambers and prevents loss of hot gases escaping through them, thus conserving upto 33%of fuel energy loss. InsulKote has been vigorously tested at 1300 to 1800°C, in high temperature electric and gas fired kilns. Its performance has been found to be satisfactory. InsulKote ensures that maximum heat energy is preserved in the heating chambers and damage to the surface is minimized. The most outstanding feature of this product is the long lasting protection that it offers to refractories and kiln steel shells. It is the perfect solution to chronic problems faced by industries which deal in high and low temperature applications.

Thermal Conductivity Industries

  • Nonferrous metal Industry
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Town and Natural Gas Industry
  • Shipping Industry
  • Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Sugar Industry


InsulKote has unlimited applications. It is used to coat induction melting furnaces, kiln furniture, carbon/graphite crucibles, rotary kilns, chimneys and ducts.

  • Stops spouts & channels slagging
  • Prevents formation of Stalactite
  • Bonds refractory bricks
  • Prolongs life of induction melting furnace
  • Tankers & ships using steam turbines
  • Town & industrial gas producing plants
  • Catalytic crackers & heat exchangers in oil refineries & chemical works
  • Electricity generating stations using fuel oil, gas coal or P.F.
  • Boilers using solid fuels
  • Boilers in Industries, Schools, Hospitals, Laundries etc.

Advantages of InsulKote

  • Gas-tight surface without spalling or cracking
  • Reduction in slag adhesion
  • Excellent dry strength
  • Excellent resistance to powdering
  • Easy to mix
  • Odourless and nonhazardous
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply trowelling, brushing or spraying
  • Good adhesion to metals, refractory bricks, monolithics, castables and ceramic fibre modules etc.
  • Resistant to the influence of steam, acids, alkalies, fumes of sulphur and vanadium compounds and molten metals
  • Resistant to severe attack and sand blasting effect of burning fuel oil
  • Considerable increase in service life of refractory linings and heating systems
  • High Emissivity & Good adhesion