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Road Maring Coatings
Road Marking Coatings Catalogue

Road Marking Coatings

Road Marking Coatings
  • Retro reflective cold applied road marking
  • Traffic bearable in less than 15 minutes
  • In Yellow, White, Black, Orange & Grey colours

Salient Features of Road Marking Coatings


  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
  • Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates.
  • Impermeable to wind driven rain & thus waterproof.
  • Provides seamless waterproofing unlike sheet type membranes.
  • Non-toxic & environment friendly.
  • Protects against algae & fungal growth.
  • Resistant to atmospheric pollution & low dirt pick up.
  • UV Resistance.


  • Highway road markings
  • Airport runway marking
  • Warehouse floor markings
  • Park way markings
  • Asphalt and concrete roads
  • Kerb Stones
  • Speed Humps
  • Car Park Structures
  • Intermediate Decks
  • Top / Exposed Decks
  • Ramps
  • Centre Line
  • Edge Line
  • Zebra Crossing

Application Demo

Application Procedure


Product Range


Hydrocarbon Road Marking (MonoMark HRM)

Hydrocarbon based Cold Applied durable Marking paint **


MonoMark FAM Fast set waterborne Acrylic based, cold applied durable traffic marking paint

MonoMark FAM is an all-acrylic binder designed specifically for use in water-based traffic marking paints, especially when application occurs under marginal conditions of temperature, humidity and air flow. Actual road trials have proven that traffic marking paints formulated with MonoMark FAM are significantly faster drying in high humidity, low temperature and poor air flow conditions compared to conventional water-based traffic paints. This fast dry capability dramatically improves the resistance of markings to early rain showers. **


MonoMark GB 1.5 Two Component PU based Cold Applied durable Marking paint

MonoMark GB 1.5 is Standardized surface pavement markings found at airports provide directional and control information. Airport traffic must continue to move in an expeditious and safe manner using these markings for guidance. This theory is no different from that used on a highway. Painted pavement markings are essential guiding elements that are rarely noticed unless they are not functioning, causing much confusion. Runway incursions are similar to a motorist failing to properly observe and obey traffic signals. Glass beads in airport surface pavement markings provide directional guidance to pilots and airport vehicles. When a beam of light hits the bead, it will reflect the light back to the viewer - much like a tiny mirror. The value of light returned or “reflected” is controlled by the Index of Refraction (IOR). The higher the index, the more intense the light ray becomes to the eye. Primarily, there are two types of beads approved for use at airports under Federal Specification TTB-1325C. Type I and IV beads have an IOR of 1.5 and are commonly referred to as low index beads. They are traditionally made from recycled glass and were developed as an economical way of providing safe delineation on roadways. These beads offer minimum visibility, maintain the shortest life cycle and provide the least effective safety benefit. **


MonoMark PLM 12 Photo luminescent Dark Glow Markings, up to 12 Hours - White (D), Yellow Green (N)

A photo luminescent, water-based industrial acrylic copolymer coating. Use as a safety coating to mark safe egress routes when lighting goes out due to power loss. Excellent for adding illumination during low light conditions. This water-based coating provides low odor application and easy soap and water clean-up.**


Acrylate based Road Marking (MonoMark AFM)

Acrylate based Cold Applied durable Marking paint **


PU based Cold Applied durable Marking paint (MonoMark PU1K)

One Component PU based Cold Applied durable Marking paint


PU based Cold Applied durable Marking paint (MonoMark PU2K)

Two Component PU based Cold Applied durable Marking paint **


Epoxy based Marking paint (Monomark EFM)

Epoxy based cold applied durable Marking paint **


Vertically applied Acrylic based Retro Reflective Marking (MonoMark VAM)

Vertically applied Acrylic based Retro Reflective Marking


Glass beads for Retro Reflective (MonoMark GB)

Glass beads for Retro Reflective