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Monarch Industrial Products (I) Pvt Ltd

(An ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 & OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Certified Company)

Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols

Mechanical Maintenance Aerosols waterproofing coatings Monarch's wide range of Aerosols covers: Corrosion Protection - Inhibiting rust, Cold Galvanizing Coating, High temperature corrosion resistance coating, easy-to-remove waxy coat, alkaline rust convertor coat Maintenance – Loosening of severely rusted assemblies and prevents gripping failures Cleaners – Removal of gaskets, paints, coatings, carbon, rust, degreasing and foam cleaning Anti-seize – Lubrication till 1100°C, non-staining dry lubrication Greases and Lubricants

waterproofing coatings Maintenance – Loosening of severely rusted assemblies and prevents gripping failures Cleaners – Removal of gaskets, paints, coatings, carbon, rust, degreasing and foam cleaning Anti-seize – Lubrication till 1100°C, non-staining dry lubrication Greases and Lubricants


EazyMaintenance MH

Mechanical Helper - General purpose corrosion protection, Rust protector & Cleaner

Non-toxic, silicone free, ozone friendly, Safe for metal, varnishes, rubber, plastic & fabric. Low surface tension product that has superior surface "wettability" & coverage. technically superior, multi - use, also useful for displacing moisture, restoring 'IR' valves, anti-corrosion & light lubrication.

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EazyMaintenance RI

Rust Inhibitor - Indoor & Out Door Corrosion inhibiting Spray

Rust Inhibitor (500ml) :Prevents rusting and corrosion of bearings, gears, rotors, gauges... during indoor storage, usage, as well as shipment. Uniquely absorbs surface moisture for 100% reliable protection of parts exposed to high humidity and corrosive chemical fumes. Unlike conventional oils, does not overlay on surface moisture, but first absorbs, neutralises and then provides protection. Lubricant compatible. Removal not required.

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EazyMaintenance CG

Cold Galvanizing Coat, Zinc Coating Spray

Cold Galvanizing (500ml) :Conductive, 100% dry graphite coating, prevents bi-metallic corrosion, power losses & overheating on high connections. Non-ageing and inert coating performs even upto grid voltages.

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EazyMaintenance HT

High Temperature Coat - Resists till 600°C

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing High Temperature (500ml) :High purity against aluminum enriched coating, fast drying to provide hard lasting protection against burn off, chip or peel at high temperatures. Resist heat till 600°C.

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EazyMaintenance PC

Peelable Coat - Easy to remove waxy coat to protect components in storage and transit

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing Peelable Coat (500ml) :Easy to remove, waxy peelable coat to protect components during shipment and storage. Does not require any solvent for cleaning or removal, just can be easily peeled off from any of the edges. Protects against scratches, stains and contamination due to paint spray, dirt and dust.

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EazyMaintenance RC

Rust Convertor - Reconverts rust into metal

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing Rust Convertor (500ml) :Re-converts rust to metal, consolidating & passivating the substrate, and stopping the unchecked growth of the existing surface rust. Prevents the adhesion failure of conventional paints, thus protecting against corrosion, cracks, leakages etc. Enhances welding strength.

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EazyMaintenance PO

Pen Oil - Heavy duty rust penetrator for loosening severely rusted assemblies

Penetrates rust & re-opens severely rusted EazyMaintenance PO assemblies. Ultra specialized specific use formulation with uniquely low surface tension and unmatched penetration. Has more reliable performance and is required in lesser quantities. Non acidic and non corrosive formulation. Superior quality & economy. Also useful in bearing maintenance applications (to clean caked up/old; grease and residues).

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EazyMaintenance BD

Belt Dressing - Prevents gripping failures of drive belts

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing Belt Dressing (500ml) :Prevents hardening, heat ageing, cracking, elongation and gripping failures of drive belts. Coated drive belts will last for at least 50% longer. Protects both during belt operation and belt storage. Very useful in applications where drive belts are exposed to high heat, humidity and lube oils. Easy to apply with long lasting effect.

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EazyMaintenance BS

Bearing Solvent - Synthetic heavy duty cleaner cum degreaser

Bearing Solvent (500ml) : Synthetic heavy duty cleaner cum degreaser. fast drying & residueless. Excellent cleaning action. It starts working immediately on contact breaking down and dissolving even the most stubborn contaminants without damaging the base metal. It evaporates quickly and does not leave residue.

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EazyMaintenance GR

Gasket Remover - Spray for easy removal of gaskets, paints, coatings etc.

Gasket Remover Gasket Remover (500ml) : Designed to effectively & safely remove dirt, grease & varnish. Simply spray on, allow to set for 15 minutes & flush with water. Safe 100% bio-degradable, non-corrosive & non-staining. Penetrates to the metal for excellent & highly economical degreasing.

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EazyMaintenance CR

Carbon Remover - Penetrates & lifts off Carbonaceous Coatings

Carbon Remover Carbon Remover (500ml) : Uniquely penetrates & 'Lifts off' carbonaceous coatings, thick varnishes, acrylic coatings, adhesives etc. User & surface safe. Minimum labour input. Highly effective on all types of coatings & deposits.

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EazyMaintenance RR

Rust Remover - Instantly removes rust & scale

Carbon Remover Rust Remover (500ml): Instantly removes rust on the metal substrate. Wash with clean water and dry the surface immediately after use. multipurpose rust cleaner on the metal substrate. It cleans tarnish, oxidation, stains, finger prints and scale from iron, steel, copper, brass, and aluminium.

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EazyMaintenance FC

Foam Cleaner - Clean glass, plastic & other sensitive surface safety

Carbon Remover Foam Cleaner (500ml) : Foam cleaner is designed to clean glass, plastic & other sensitive surfaces, safely, quickly & effectively. Will not allow plastic to crack, yellow & age. Foam cleaner is non-flammable, 100% ozone safe & do not contain any toxic chemicals. Simply spray on, allow foam to collapse & wipe/wash off.

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EazyMaintenance CA

Copper Anti-seize-lubrication till 1100°C

Copper Anti-seize (500ml) : Copper based anti-seize lubricant for high pressure and high temperature applications, Resists temperature till 1100°C and prevents galling, metal to metal contact and seizing of threaded components. Easy assembly and disassembly even under corrosive atmosphere and long operational period.

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EazyMaintenance DML

Dry Moly Lubricant - Non staining, Dry lubricanting spray

Gasket Remover Dry Moly Lubricant (500ml) : Ultra pure micro refined dry moly coating with the high temperature and extreme pressure protective characteristics of a high grade MOS2 coating. Film is non-conductive and has excellent resistance to water.

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EazyMaintenance MA

Moly Anti Seize - Prevents seizure and corrosion - Anti friction spray

Carbon Remover Moly Anti Seize (500ml) : A blackish / grey anti - friction spray. Provides an anti - friction shield that will not wash off, scrape, or burn off. Prevent seizure and corrosion to 1000° C., Excellent for marine applications or where salt - water corrosion is present. Also good for stud assemblies, flange bolts, cylinder heads, high - temperature connections, manhole lugs etc.

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EazyMaintenance PTFE

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant - Non staining, Dry lubricative spray

Carbon Remover PTFE Coat (500ml) :Won't interfere with post - finishing operations, durable up to 500°C for extended periods. Extremely effective against dust conditions. A non - staining product that forms a slippery layer of translucent particles on rubber, wood, metals, nylon, epoxies, polypropylene, acrylics and phenolic resins. This film has unique dry lubricating qualities. PTFE dry film lubricant is a dispersion of white, waxy particles of tetrafluoroethylene telomere, wood and metals.

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EazyMaintenance NA

Nickel Anti-seize-free of lead & Inert

Carbon Remover Nickel Anti Seize (500ml) : Offers a smooth texture and fine particle size for closely fitted parts and easy application that protects fasteners and metal surfaces from seizing caused by high temperatures, heavy loads, vibration and corrosion.

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EazyMaintenance CLS

Chain Lubricant Spray - Lubrication & Protection of Chains

Chain Lubricant Spray (500ml) : High grade synthetic oil, black color and heavy duty moly - based high temperature lubricant. Excellent penetration & film adhesion.

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EazyMaintenance RL

Rope Lubricant - Lubrication & Protection of wire ropes

Gasket Remover Rope Lubricant (500ml) :Tough and pliable with extra adhesion. Lubricates as it waterproofs. Weather resistant. Will not become brittle. Withstands extreme temperature and pressure. Penetrates deep into metal pores for complete lubrication. Foaming action ensures total coverage.

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EazyMaintenance DGL

Dry Graphite Lubricant - Designed for engine & mechanical parts prior to assembly

Carbon Remover Dry Graphite Lubricant(500ml) : Ready to use solvent designed to replace TCE, CFC, CTC and other chlorinated solvents. Odor less, fast evaporating, non- corrosive, residue less. Recommended for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts & equipments.

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