High Voltage Insulation Coatings


Monarch's High Voltage Insulation Coating is especially formulated to enhance your utility reputation with dependable, cost-effective high voltage distribution systems. Build the efficient transmission and distribution systems needed to meet growing global demands for electrical power.

Pollution of outdoor high voltage insulators is a common problem for utilities, with a considerable impact to power system reliability. A possible outage in a high voltage system usually corresponds to a severe impact to the power system. In an effort to prevent possible flashovers due to pollution, high voltage insulation coatings have been designed, aiming to improve the insulation performance, either by suppressing the formation of surface conductivity or by increasing the possible insulation level, since the coating can be installed at a time convenient for the utility and within its operational lifetime is capable of suppressing the pollution influence at any time.

Monarch's InsulKote high build polysiloxane RTV coating specially designed to give electrical insulators long-term resistance to water filming and high level of flashover resistance under conditions of high voltage corona stress, even after extended periods of exposure to ultraviolet light.

High voltage infrastructure can benefit from:

  • Superior arcing and !ashover protection
  • Reduced leakage currents ensured by long-term hydrophobicity
  • Extended maintenance intervals for ceramic, porcelain, or glass insulators
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs
  • Minimized equipment problems and failures

Sailent Features

  • From distribution to very high transmission voltage, to be used over both old & new insulators (made of glass, ceramic and composites) with excellent dielectric strength.

  • Protect against insulation deterioration resulting from particulate contamination that may occur from dust deposits, salt particles, fog, salinity, high humidity or other types of contaminants carried in the air.

  • The arc resistance of the coating also contributes to protection against glaze damage of insulators when the coating's water repellant is significantly diminished and arcing occurs.

  • Enhance ability of surface to repel water, resist corona stress, suppression of leakage current & flash over protection.

  • Reduce maintenance works for regular Insulator washing & cleaning, and replacement of T&D components damaged by flashovers.


  • Salt and dust protection on electrical insulators
  • Electrical connector insulation
  • Corona discharge protection
  • Busbar in control panels, on ceramic insulators
  • Glass, Porcelain, Composite insulators
  • Bushings prevents electrical leakages
  • Contaminant caused flash overs
  • Arcing caused surface damage
  • On poles & cross arms, as Insulating coating in front of control panels as replacement of rubber mats
  • On current carrying conductors & similar live parts to avoid accidents
  • InsulKote HVIC5

    High Voltage Electrical Insulating Silicone Compound till 5 KV

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  • InsulKote HVIC11

    High Voltage Electrical Insulating Silicone Compound till 11 KV

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  • InsulKote HVIC22

    High Voltage Electrical Insulating Silicone Compound till 22 KV

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  • InsulKote HVIC33

    High Voltage Electrical Insulating Silicone Compound till 33 KV

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