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Application Procedures
Surface Preparations:

It is essential that all surfaces to be treated are properly prepared to obtain a strong bond between the substrate and the product

  • Clean surface again with SavesPast ACR, Cleaner to remove all traces of oil, grease, dust or other foreign substances from the grit blasting.
  • Repair surface as soon as possible to eliminate any changes or surface contaminants/flash rusting/oxidation.

Note: Seal all crevices with putty or other suitable material to prevent backing material from leaking out.

Mixing Instructions

It is strongly recommended that full units be mixed.

  • Turn pails upside down 8 hours prior to application. This will allow material to become softer and easier to mix.
  •  Add Hardener to Resin.
  •  Mix thoroughly with screwdriver or similar tool like propeller-type slow speed jiffy mixer @ 150 - 200 rpm on an electric drill while continuously scrape material away from sides and bottom of container until a uniform, streak-free consistency is obtained.

Note: Keep propeller below liquid line, as additional air can be added to mixture, resulting in air bubbles on the surface of the finished product.

Application Instructions
  • Thoroughly mix Crusher Backing Compound, then immediately pour into designated area, allowing compound to fill the cavity and push air away from the pour.
  • Use a dam (tin, cardboard, clay etc.,) to seal areas and direct flow of the compound to the specified area.
  • Any unmixed resin (different color) clinging to the sides and/or bottom of the pail should NOT BE poured into the crusher, as it may not harden.

Note: It is recommended that the product is brought to the most suitable working temperature of about 20º C by placing it in a warm room 24 hours prior to use. At lower temperatures the material will be more viscous and at temperatures above 30º C the pot life of the product will be reduced.
KrushMore AR (Accelerator)
Accelerates cure speed of Backing Compound in cold weather conditions (<15°C)
KrushMore AR (Accelerator) is added to Resin prior to mixing to speed the cure of the material when equipment and ambient temperatures are below 15°C. Please refer table below for cure schedule.




Functional Cure


    Without mixing of KrushMore AR After mixing 1 bottle of KrushMore AR After mixing 2 bottle of KrushMore AR

KrushMore CBC

22 ˚C(72˚F) 21 minutes 13 minutes 9 minutes
8 ˚C(44˚F) 32 minutes 28 minutes 12 minutes

KrushMore HPCBC

22 ˚C(72˚F) 46 minutes 24 minutes 18 minutes
8 ˚C(44˚F) 220 minutes 75 minutes 55 minutes
KrushMore LC (Locking Compound)
Locks the inner and inner eccentric bushings
KrushMore RA (Release Agent)
To facilitate easier removal for of worn liners.

Application Tips

Cold Weather Conditions (<15ºC)
Warm Up Backing: Place unopened pails in a hot water bath or near a radiant heat source.
Warm up Equipment: Bowls, concaves, or mantles should also be at desired temperature. Heat can be applied to the outside of the concave or mantle with a torch to bring its temperature up to 26ºC-32ºC. Do not exceed 65ºC.
Hot Weather Conditions:
Cool Up Backing: Place unopened pails in a cold water bath or near a cool source.

Cool up Equipment: Bowls, concaves, or mantles should also be at desired temperature. Chill air can be exposed to the outside of the concave or mantle to bring its temperature up to 32ºC. Do not decrease beyond 15ºC

Product Limitation

At temperatures below 5º C and above 40º C casting should not be carried out.

Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 15˚C may affect product performance:

  •  Difficulty to mix Resin and  Hardener
  •  Difficulty to pour
  •  Longer cure time

Failure to adhere to the correct mixing ratio or poor mixing will result in the Compound failing to harden in several areas, thus causing the whole pour to be ruined.