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Adhesive and Sealants Catelogue

Adhesive & Sealants


Adhesive bonding is a process in which two similar or dissimilar materials are united permanently. Adhesives build “bridges” between the surfaces of substrates to be joined.

Monarch's Adhesive & Sealent offers More uniform stress distribution over the entire bond face: This has a very positive effect on the static and dynamic strength achieved. Where welding and riveting result in localized stress peaks, adhesive bonding achieves uniform distribution and absorption of stress loads. Adhesives also act as sealants, preventing loss of pressure or liquids, blocking the penetration of condensation water and protecting against corrosion. The adhesive forms an insulating film to prevent contact corrosion when different types of metals are joined. It also acts as electrical and thermal insulator.

Salient Features of Adhesive & Sealants



  • Join dissimilar substrates, e.g. plastics,metals, etc.
  • Distribute stresses evenly.
  • Fill large gaps.
  • Seal, bond, and protect parts.
  • Improve cosmetic appearance.
  • Easily automate manufacturing processes.
  • Promote a competitive advantage.
  • Improve reliability, quality.
  • Reduce overall production costs


  • Steam cleaning areas
  • Clean rooms
  • Sterile areas
  • Locker /Shower rooms
  • Gowning area
  • Processing area
  • Wash down area
  • Research laboratories
  • Formulation plants
  • Biotech plants
  • Hospitals and Operation theaters
  • Health care units
  • Prevention of growth of mould
  • bacteria and other harmful micro organisms
  • Bottling plants
  • Batteries
  • Packaging lines
  • Meat packaging units
  • Food processing units
  • Processing areas
  • Bulk storage

Application Demo

Repair and protection of floor surfaces from

  • Chemical spillage
  • Oil spillage
  • Dust
  • Prevents physical degradation due to compressive
  • loads and abrasion caused by equipment traffic.
  • Provides decorative, cleaner, healthier, more pleasant place for working environment

Product Range


MonoSeal PP

Sealant - Surface Primer for Porous Concrete Surfacesr

MonoSeal PP is a Porous Surfaces Primer is a quick-drying solvent-based primer for use with polyurethane sealant on porous surfaces only. • Solvent-based, quick-drying formula • Promotes improved adhesion to porous substrates requiring a primer

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MonoSeal NPP

Sealant - Surface Primer for Non Porous Concrete / Metal Surfaces

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing Monoseal NPP is a clear solvent based silane primer for promoting the adhesion of silicone-based sealants it is a unique flexible primer specifically designed for use on non-porous surfaces. Non Porous Primer is a safe alternative to hazardous solvent based primers and etching, to enable and improve the adhesion of a wide range of coatings, waterproofing membranes and tile adhesives over non-absorbent surfaces, like glass, ceramics, most metals including aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel Due to the various composition and treatment differences among grades of stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel, each substrate should be tested prior to use.

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MonoSeal PSS

2K Poly Sulphide sealant

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing MonoSeal PSS is a 2 Pack Polysulphide sealant is a universally usable for concrete joint sealant and industrial insulation glazing sealant. This is two part system. After mixing Resin and Hardener, the polymerization is initiated at room temperature, which proceed further until it is cured.

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MonoSeal AS

1K Acrylic Sealants - 1 Cartridge

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing

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MonoSeal PUS

1K Polyurethane Sealants - 1 Cartridge

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing MonoSeal PUS is a one component, moisture curing, non-sag, gun-grade polyurethane elastomeric sealant. It is designed to seal construction joints that are subject to movement. After cure, MonoSeal PU forms a flexible esilient rubber that has adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, like pre-cast concrete panel joints, window perimeters, tips, risers and tilt-wall joints and between construction materials of dissimilar expansion coefficients. Some substrate surfaces may require priming for optimum performance..

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MonoSeal SS

1K Silicone Sealants - 1 Cartridge

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing

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