Electro Static Dissipative (ESD)

Electro Static Dissipative

Monarch ESD Floor Toppings provide a path for the charge to flow to ground, thereby neutralizing and providing shield from malfunctioning. They quickly and reliably lead off any charges on personnel and objects through the floor to earth potential.

Immediately after the subject steps onto an ESD floor the charge is reduced to zero as the static electricity travels from the body, through the floor and out to ground. The coating dissipate@ 5000-volt charge to zero in<0.1 seconds (22°C@12%RH). Use Megho Meter to test resistivity on the floor Ohms surface resistance. This will determine whether the floor is in the conductive, dissipative, anti-static or insulative range.


  • Storage areas of Ammunition, Explosives, Gas, Solvents, Volatilechemicals etc.,
  • Shop floors/Work Benches of Mobile, Electronic assembly & sensitive communication equipments manufacturing companies, Battery charging rooms, Containment areas.
  • Offices of IT Software companies using more computers and electronic gadgets
  • Clean rooms and sterile rooms in Pharmaceutical industry
  • Coronary care unit and Operation Theaters in Hospitals