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waterproofing coatings waterproofing coatings A self-levelling solvent free, high build-high breakdown voltage, protection and insulation coating, developed from a unique cycloaliphatic amine curative, designed to provide insulation safety flooring. Ultra high di-electric strength & insulation resistance. Available in Class A (BDV-) InsulKote LT and Class B (BDV-) InsulKote HT. Products are tested at CPRI - Central Power Research Institute, Bengaluru & ERDA - Electrical Association, Gujarat. .


InsulKote EP

Electrical Insulation Epoxy Primer Coating

Epoxy Phenolic based coating system having highest chemical resistance for protecting the surfaces under severe saline conditions for both interior and exterior applications. Also it acts as an excellent waterproofing coating.

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InsulKote LT

High Break-down voltage Class A Dielectric Insulation Coating - LT 33 KV .

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing INSULKOTE LT is a solvent-less, high build protective & insulative coating, designed to provide high BDV electrical insulation as well as to combat corrosive conditions in power distribution & transmission equipment, switchyards, tanks, structural members and fluid transfer systems. It cures at ambient temperatures to form a tough semi flexible coating possessing good Di-electric, chemical resistance and UV stability adhering strongly to suitably, prepared metal, wood, ceramic and concrete surfaces .

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InsulKote HT

High Break-down voltage Class B Dielectric Insulation Coating - HT 52 KV.

acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing InsulKote HT-Top Coat is designed for use in wide range of industrial environments where the high breakdown voltage protection & insulation is required. It provides a both insulation as well as combat corrosion and chemically resistant floor surface which is hygienic and easy to clean. It provides a smooth, light-reflective surface Self Leveling, high gloss, seamless, dielectric flooring will provide reliable safety against injuries caused by electrical leakage & tracking, Easy installation cleaning & repair, clean Provides dust free atmosphere in panel rooms.

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