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crusher compounds

Crusher Backing Compound

Metal Repair Putties Metal Repair Monarch KrushMore HPCBC is long established OEM and aftermarket proven product. These crushers are used in applications for the reduction of materials like rock, iron ore, gypsum, river gravel, limestone, basalt, gabbro, magnetite and also for the aggregate crushing.

Salient Features:

  • Non-flammable
  • Require no special equipment in the application
  • Replace costly and dangerous molten zinc pours
  • 100% solids - no solvents
  • High compressive and impact strength
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • Minimal filler settlement in containers - easily mixable, pourable and for usage.
  • High hydrolytic stability provides low water absorption
  • High volumetric stability eliminates gaps between liners

Product Description

KrushMore HPCBC

Crusher backing compound for all makes and models of Cone & Gyratory Crushers

High-strength liquid epoxy with the necessary resiliency and strength to withstand forces generated by crushers and mills for maximum protection and damping material when subjected to impact and shock loads. It serves as a backing and reinforcing layer between machine parts and provides high level positive support of wear liners. The products maintain their strength to ensure all wear linings are suf!ciently protected throughout the crusher maintenance cycle.

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KrushMore CBC

Economical grade Crusher Backing Compound

The most economical grade of epoxy based Crusher backing compound for usage in all makes and models of Cone & Gyratory Crushers

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KrushMore PBC

Low viscosity, Polyurethane Crusher Backing Compound for cold conditions

KrushMore PBC is specially formulated to produce a tough flexible backing of low viscosity to ensure free "ow into the smallest cavities and contours of manganese steel. No pre-heating required, even in the coldest conditions

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KrushMore RA

Coat Bowl Liners & Threaded portions for easy removal - To facilitate easier removal for of worn liners

KrushMore RA :Chemtools White Petroleum Jelly is a premium quality Pharmaceutical Grade white petrolatum. It is a homogenous mixture of predominantly saturated hydrocarbons which conform to high standards of purity. This product has excellent lubricity properties for varied industrial / generic applications and has a good oil retaining capacity even at elevated temperatures. This highly purified non-toxic, non-staining, white petroleum jelly has been specifically developed for use in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, and printing applications. Common Uses include, Printing ink manufacturing, Defence applications in fire arms lubrications, Lubrication and protection of battery terminals, Rust preventives, Furniture polishes & coatings, Hydraulic seal assemblies, Food processing equipment assemblies, Plasticizer for rubber and leather components, Rubber lubrication and 100’s more.

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