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Anti Static/ESD/Conductive Floor Coatings
Product Group

Anti Static/ESD/Conductive Floor Coatings

Anti Electrical Coatings

The flooring is the most abusive part of any Industrial, Commercial or Institutional Building exposing to both physical and chemical abuses like the presence of dust, continuous equipment traffic, oil and chemical spillages from occasional to continuous immersion leading to degradation of floor surfaces.

Monarch's FloorClad Floor Screeds & Toppings Offers seamless high performance flooring system with high chemical, bacterial and abrasion resistance to enhance floor design life. The ultimate convenience of easy to clean surface with increased resistance to liquid penetration. The toughness and durability of the hygienic coating along with choice of attractive colors suits to variety of environmental conditions. The coated decorative surface presents ideal and pleasant working atmosphere. FloorClad have wide options of underlayment, screed mortars and floor toppings. The comprehensive range covers - cementitious underlayment, coving, floor marking, re-lay/ over-lay coatings, epoxy and polyurethane based mortars and floor toppings, anti static ESD conductive floor toppings, EPU toppings, polyurea coatings, slip resistant and chemical resistant toppings and silicate floor coatings.

Salient Features of Anti Static/ESD/Conductive Floor Coatings

Anti Electrical Static


  • Excellent anti static and conductive properties
  • Reduce build up of electrostatic charge on the surface
  • All electrostatic charges are harmlessly conducted away
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and good aesthetic appearance
  • Seamless, Self leveling, Monolithic, Hygienic floor topping
  • Easy to clean and maintain Does not attract dust
  • Electrical Resistance 104-108 ohms


  • Switch yard room
  • Sterile room
  • Coronary care unit
  • Communication equipment
  • Computer terminal
  • Work benche
  • General sensitive electronic equipment

Application Demo

Surface Preparation

  • Prepare floor surface either mechanically by grinding / shot blasting / scarifying or manually by using wire brush. Floor should be made structurally sound, clean and free from loose particles, oil, grease or any other contaminants.
  • If any cement laitance, loose particles, mould release agent, curing compound and any other contaminants found in the floor should be removed
  • Vacuum cleaning should be done after above treatments.
  • The maximum moisture content of the substrate should be less than 5 when checking with moisture meter.
  • Irregularities / Undulations in floor to be filled with epoxy based mortar FloorClad SEMS / FloorClad EMS as underlayment to level floor surface.
  • Exisiting expansion joints in the floor should be continued through the surface of levelling layer.
  • The application area should be kept dust free. All the opening in the room should be temporarily covered with polythene sheets & masking tape.

Product Range


Epoxy Insulation Primer (ESDKote IP)

Epoxy Insulation Primer.


Conductive Epoxy Primer (ESD Kote CP)

Conductive Epoxy Primer .


Copper Tape (ESD KoteCT)

Copper Tape .


ESD - Anti Static SL Top Coat (1010 to 1012) (ESD Kote ASTC)

ESD - Anti Static SL Top Coat (1010 to 1012).


ESD - Anti Static SL Top Coat (1010 to 1012) (ESD Kote DTC)

ESD - Dissipative SL Top Coat (106 to 109).


ESD - Anti Static SL Top Coat (1010 to 1012) (ESD Kote CTC)

ESD - Conductive SL Top Coat (103 to 105) .


ESD - Top Coat for surface to surface conductivity (ESDKote SSC)

ESD - Top Coat for surface to surface conductivity .


ESDkote UC (ESD Kote ASTC)

ESDkote UC Conductive is a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin coating of high electrostatic conductivity. Solvent-free according to recommendation DEUTSCHE BAUCHEMIE.